The Popcorn Predicament


This is Danielle's most recently published book.  It is beautifully illustrated by Amanda Erb.  This book has special significance to Danielle because it is based on a childhood memory of her and her brother Jason making popcorn on the stove for the first time.  She remembers being huddled together against their refrigerator as the scalding hot kernels popped out at them!  They just could not figure out what they were doing wrong!  This is a story that Danielle often told her children and thought would make a funny children's book.  However, Danielle's writing style is to rhyme and she just couldn't think of how to make this story into a rhyme.  But then one night it just came to her.  The entire story and the many revisions were done on her iPhone.

My kids love this story.  They can recite it and laugh every time.

Kerri - Valley Stream, NY  


A fun story young children can totally relate to that also teaches the importance of teamwork and being safe.

Sandra - Wheaton, IL


This is such a cute story! I love it!!

Jean - Chicago, IL


Great story for my four and two year old children... especially fun as they, like the characters in the story are an older brother with younger sister.  My kids love the similarity.

Cara - Wanamingo, MN


My 9 yr old read this to my 7 year old and they loved it.  They no longer want to make popcorn in the microwave!  Very cute story.

Jennifer - Oceanside, NY


My kids love popcorn movie hour at home so I thought they would like this book.  I was right.  I read this book to my 4 1/2 and 3 year old sons and they giggled and have asked me to read it again and again.  My youngest enjoys the pictures and rhymes; my oldest really enjoys the story and finds the idea of a "popcorn attack" to be very funny.  I found it to be a great story that captured memories that we all share in one form or another of our attempt as children to figure things out on our own.  My oldest even learned a lesson-- to make popcorn, you "have to put a lid on it!"  I would greatly recommend it to others.

Isabel - Lynbrook, NY


Such a cute story!  It's funny and def something that can happen to two kids experimenting in the kitchen.

Lorraina - Chicago, IL


I really love this book.  First because it's just cute and fun to read, but second because it entertains my kids.  The narration and the way it highlights the words as it's being read is perfect for my 4 year old twins, who could read it right from my iPhone by themselves.  (Very helpful when they're in the shopping cart and I'm trying  to get in and out of the grocery store quickly!)  My 7 year old daughter also enjoys the narration, but could also pick the "read it myself" option, which lets her practice her reading.

Stephanie - East Rockaway, NY


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